The 12-week plant based weight loss makeover you only need to do once


The 12-week plant based weight loss makeover you only need to do once

Are you successful in many areas of your life but struggle with your weight?

The reason you've struggled isn't because you're a lost cause or you have no will power. No, no, no. YOU are a badass.


It's the hard-to-break combination of 1) over-hunger while trying to restrict food and 2) over-desire for food while avoiding your feelings.


I can show you how to adjust all of this so you can be just as successful with your weight goals as you are with everything else.


This is the most sustainable and pleasurable way to lose weight and get healthy.


Your struggle stops here. For good. 


Weight loss coaching with Molly Patrick

If you want to lose weight once and for all in a way that is...

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Hi, I'm Molly

I’m a certified life coach and the co-founder of Clean Food Dirty Girl, a company dedicated to helping people eat more plants. 

I’ve helped thousands of people get healthy, lose weight, love their bodies, and throw perfection out the window. 

I would love to help you flourish. 

"I am not a newbie to self-improvement; name the latest trend, and I’ve most likely given it a try. But for decades, I remained stuck in some very important aspects of my life. The coaching I had with Molly was life-changing. Molly offers an approach that takes practice and commitment, but the dividends it delivers are truly incredible."

Amy Brown

"Molly's coaching has been life-changing! After many years of yo-yo dieting, followed by many years as a junk food vegan, the coaching sessions have let me unpack my thoughts and beliefs, and now my external actions align with my internal intentions."

Hazel Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your coaching one-on-one? 


In a nutshell, how does this work?  

We kick off with a 90-minute deep dive session, then you will follow each of the 5 phases of the program for two weeks each. After each phase we will do a check-in before you move on to the next phase. In addition to meeting every two weeks, I am available via email anytime during our 12 weeks together. At the end of the 12 weeks we will meet again to celebrate your amazing results. Then, you will keep going, never having to worry about your weight again.

Do I have to be plant based to do this? 

Nope! I will meet you where you are. 

Will I have to transition to a totally plant based diet for this to work? 

Not necessarily, but it is the most sustainable and healthiest way to do this. 

Will this work if I already eat a plant based diet? 

Yes, absolutely. 

How much does it cost? 

I work with a limited number of people so I can give my clients the attention and focus they need to sail through this program and get mind-blowing results. The first step is to submit your name and email address (above)  and I will get back to you with an application.